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The Idea!
Are you a muslim living in Europe, but you can not use any sort of gambling or can not win any lottery due to restriction held by Islam? We have a solution that is called "Halal lottery". 

What is Halal Lottery?
The lottery that has been prohibited in the Qur'an is a redistribution of wealth without any reason on the basis of chance. On the other hand, giving from one party to another on the basis of random choice or when you are not in anyway lose any money, is not prohibited because it is not conditional on payment from the recipient population.

Why this is not Lottery?
The reason that is not a lottery is because it does not require any payment for the chance to win. In the other word, it is not a lottery because your original money is not lost and you got it back even if you are the loser. So, losing some money, Never happens!

Should I be a muslim to play?
The idea of this lottery, if we can call it lottery, is to give the opportunity to millions of muslims living in Europe to play lottery and try their chances to win. However, we do not ask our clients religion and everybody is welcome to play and win.

When can I start to play?
We are still working on this big project. We are expecting to release the first version in February 2013. Many partnership programs are already available for private persons, companies, shops, islamic organizations and educational institutes. Please contact us if you can help us go on with the project.

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